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The Rune by Ziptyze


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The Rune by Ziptyze is a standalone microcontroller designed for creating mechanical keyboards. It has an ATmega32u2 controller and 20 I/O pins that allow you to power up to 100 mechanical keyboard switches. The unique form factor of the Rune allows it to sit flush with a host PCB thanks to the castellated holes and does not require header pins, unlike a ProMicro. It is also the perfect way to power hand-wired mechanical keyboard builds. The Rune has 2 functioning switch holes built-in so it can be used as a 2-key board, perfect for macro use or games like OSU!, or to allow the rune to sit in line with switches on the host PCB without creating additional bulk.

See the Rune being used on a ZlantXL build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E_GKYUJVCo

Full features include:

  • USB-C port.
  • ATmega32u2 MCU.
  • Compatible with QMK or VIA.
  • 20 I/O Pins.
  • Onboard reset button.

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