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Knob 16 Macropad

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Images are for display purposes only and not the final product.

The Knob 16 is a 4×4 16-key macropad or 16% keyboard depending on who you ask. You can use any combination of EC11 rotary encoders or MX-style mechanical keyboard switches. You read that right, you can use ANY combination of encoders and switches you want. You can do 16 encoders or 16 switches or 4 encoders and 12 switches or 15 encoders and one switch. The choice is yours!

Designed to use VIA firmware to edit your layouts. When equipped with 16 rotary encoders, you can have up 48 different inputs! This makes the Knob 16 capable of working as a fully functional keyboard in a super small footprint.

The Knob 16 is available as a solder kit only and is meant to be powered by a Pro Micro or similar devices such as the Elite C. Elite Pi controller may also be used but requires using the QMK converter.

Included in the base kit are the Knob 16 PCB, bottom plate, mounting screws, standoffs, and bumpons. You can add on other necessary hardware to complete the build such as EC11 rotary encoders, knobs, and diodes.

NOTE: We highly recommend using tapered knobs like the optional ones offered for ease of use. Guitar knobs and other similar knobs may not leave enough room to properly operate due to switch spacing.

The full list of features:

  • Support for 16x EC11 style encoders or MX style switches in any configuration.
  • VIA firmware support.
  • 4×4 grid layout.
  • Pro Micro footprint.

Required components for full build:

  • Pro Micro or similar microcontroller.
  • 16x EC11 encoders or switches.
  • 16 diodes.

Tools needed for assembly:

  • Soldering Iron and solder.
  • M2 hex driver.
  • Flush cutters.

Download Installation guide and VIA firmware files: HERE

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 2 in