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Deskeys BKE Tactile Domes


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If you’re looking to upgrade the feel of your Topre keyboard then look no further, the Deskeys ‘DES-Domes’ are the best way to add tactility and custom weights to your board. The DES-Domes are inspired by the BKE domes from older Sony video editing systems that featured a more snappy feel than modern Topre boards. In the past the only way to get this snappy feel was by purchasing a BKE board and swapping the domes over to your keyboard. Thanks to Deskeys this is now easier than ever. The DES-Domes are available in 5 different colors that represent the 5 different weights ranging from a light 35g to a heavier 70g.

The DES-Domes come in packs of 20 domes in the form of 5 strips of 4 domes each. This makes it easy to mix and match in order to make your own variable weight board or modify your board with a single weight. The strips will need to be cut in order to fill mod keys and for ease of use cut lines are clearly marked on the strips.

Depending on your board you’ll need to purchase enough to cover 60 keys (HHKB), 87 keys (Realforce TKL), or 108 keys (Realforce Full size).

NOTE: Installing these domes requires you to disassemble your keyboard and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional information

Weight .32 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

Tiffany – 35g, Pink – 42g, Purple – 49g, Blue-56g, Green-70g