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1upkeyboards Lube Station



The 1upkeyboards Lube Station for MX-style mechanical keyboard switches is a compact tool designed to take some of the hassles away from lubing your switches. Our lube station has a 24 switch capacity along with slots to hold your springs, stems, housings, and a 1upkeyboards lube container. This lube station is made from 3 layers of 3mm acrylic to provide stiffness and prevent your switch parts from going everywhere in case of accidental bumps. Lubing is a time-consuming process so the 24 switch capacity allows you to lube switches in batches that on average take 45 minutes. This way you can complete your batches without leaving open switches and stems exposed to things such as dust or hair which can affect your switches. The compact size of this lube station also makes it very easy to store and take with you.

Lube Station includes:

  • 3 Layers of 3mm acrylic with a protective layer.
  • 4x 8mm brass standoffs
  • 8x 3mm M2 Hex screws.

Note: Minor imperfections from the laser cutting process are expected on the edges of the product and are not considered a defect.