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nice!60 60% BLE PCB


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The nice!60 PCB by Nice Keyboards is a BLE capable 60% PCB for mechanical keyboards. It is the perfect solution for the keyboard enthusiast looking to remove cables from their setup with very little sacrifice.

The nice!60 makes use of the Nordic nRF52840 chipset to offer months of wireless operation when paired with a compatible 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery (Not Included). Sync your keyboard with multiple Bluetooth-capable devices and seamlessly switch between them.

The nice!60 also features RGB underglow so you can enjoy different lighting effects even when you’re not tethered to your computer or device. This PCB also features south-facing Kailh hot-swap sockets making installation of new switches a breeze! On its own this PCB is compatible with any standard GH60 style case, however, case compatibility will vary depending on your choice of battery.

NOTE: There have been several reports of the ‘6YHN’ column failing. The manufacturer, Nice Keyboards, recommends insulating the top of the JST battery connector to prevent it from making direct contact with metal cases. This contact could lead to a short that will cause the column to fail. Electrical tape or kapton tape are the 2 most common insulators that will help resolve this issue.

For instructions on how to flash and edit your layout check out the documentation HERE!

  • Nordic nRF52840 Microcontroller.
  • Standard ANSI layout only.
  • South facing hot swap sockets
  • Fully programmable with ZMK.
  • RGB Underglow.
  • Supports PCB mount and screw-in stabs.


  • Battery is NOT included. To take full advantage of the BLE you will need to purchase a 3.7v rechargeable LiPo battery that is at least 500mAh large with a 2mm JST cable. For best fitment in cases we recommend 3mm thick batteries. Two common models are the 303450 (500mAh) or a 405050 (1200mAh) LiPo battery.
  • It is recommended that the switches are installed with the PCB on a flat surface, so as to not damage the hot swap sockets. Pushing the switches in while holding the PCB in midair may cause the hot swap sockets to come off.

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