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Elite-C V4 Controller


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The Elite-C V4 by Maple Computing is a drop in replacement for all Pro-Micro powered boards like our Sweet 16 and Knob 16 Macropads. Featuring a mid-mounted USB C port, this board allows for lower profile mounting and makes it easier to plug in your cables. Like the Pro-Micro, this board features an ATmega32u4 and is ready for use with QMK and VIA mechanical keyboard firmwares.

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Full features include:

  • Pro Micro replacement.
  • Mid mounted USB-C port.
  • ATmega32u4 controller.
  • DFU Bootloader.
  • Support by QMK and VIA firmwares.
  • Arduino Compatible.
  • Includes two 12-pin headers and one 5-pin header.
  • 6 additional pins than traditional Pro Micro for a total of 24 I/O pins.
  • On board reset button.


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