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nice!nano BLE Controller


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The nice!nano from Nice Keyboards is a Pro-Micro drop in replacement for boards like the Sweet 16 Macropad that allows you to cut the cord and easily make your builds wireless. Powered by a Nordic nRF52840 chip, combine the nice!nano with a LiPo battery (Sold Separetely) to take advantage of the BLE wireless connectivity. Along with BLE, the nice!nano features a robust mid-mounted USB-C port for low profile mounting.

The nice!nano supports ZMK Firmware, which is a firmware designed to unleash the full power of the wireless capabilities of the nano with advanced functions for power saving, multi-device, and low latency. Something that is not found on other popular keyboard firmwares.

To learn more about the nice!nano and how to operate it, check out the official guides here: https://nicekeyboards.com/docs/nice-nano/

Full features include:

  • Pro Micro replacement.
  • Mid mounted USB-C port.
  • Nordic nRF52840 controller.
  • UF2 bootloader for drag and drop programming.
  • Supported by ZMK Firmware.
  • Includes two 12-pin headers and one 3-pin header.
  • A total of 21 GPIO pins.



  • Battery is NOT included. To take full advantage of the BLE you will need to purchase a 3.7v rechargeable LiPo battery that is at least 80mAh with a 2mm JST cable such as the 301230.

Additional information

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