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ZlantXL 50% Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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The ZlantXL by Ziptyze is a unique 50% mechanical keyboard that uses a slanted ortholinear layout first pioneered by Ziptyze with the original Zlant back in 2018. It uses Ziptyze’s new 32u2 powered controller The Rune.

The kit includes PCB, Rune controller, switch plate, bottom plate, rubber feet, and all the hardware needed to assemble. You will need to source 1N4148 diodes to complete the build as they are not included.

For assembly instructions, you can follow the guide in the album HERE.

The HEX to flash the Rune controller on your ZlantXL can be downloaded HERE.

The ZlantXL is not currently on QMK. However, the QMK source files in order to modify the layout can be downloaded HERE.

The keymap can also be modified using kbfirmware.com using the JSON file available HERE.

We recommend using QMK Toolbox to flash The Rune controller.  To flash Select 32u2 from the controller dropdown menu. Load the HEX available above. Press the reset button on the front of The Rune. Wait for the DFU device to show and then press Flash in QMK, Once it has loaded successfully your ZlantXL is ready to rock.

Keycaps and switches NOT INCLUDED.

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