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1upkeyboards pi60 RGB 60% PCB

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The pi60 RGB 60% PCB is an RP2040-powered hot swap board with per-key RGB designed for custom 60% mechanical keyboards.

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This is the pi60 RGB PCB, a 60% sized hot swap board with per-key RGB lighting for mechanical keyboards. This model is part of the 1upkeyboards’ pi60 PCB lineup and is the sister board to the underglow and multi-layout capable pi60 HSE™ PCB.

The pi60RGB uses the ARM-based RP2040 microcontroller by Raspberry Pi to power all its functions along with RGB LEDs located under each key switch. Sporting Kailh hot swap sockets, you can easily change your MX-style mechanical switches up to 6000 times.

The popular VIA firmware comes pre-installed so you’ll be able to easily customize your layouts, lighting effects, macros, and more using the new web-based version of VIA at https://usevia.app/

Full Features List:

  • Kailh Hot Swap sockets for MX switches.
  • ANSI Layout support.
  • Comes with VIA custom firmware preinstalled.
  • RGB Per Key Lighting.
  • South Facing switch orientation (Except “ESC” and “1”).
  • Supports PCB mount Stabilizers.
  • USB-C connector.
  • i2c JST connector for Stemma and Qwiic device support (Features in development).
  • Black and green “Matrix” inspired colors.


  • Switches must be installed with the PCB on a flat surface, so as to not damage the hot swap sockets. Pushing the switches in while holding the PCB in midair may cause the hot swap sockets to come off.
  • Due to the hot swap sockets and the USB C connector some older cases may not be compatible without modification.

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Dimensions 13 × 5 × 1 in


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