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pi40 Keyboard Kit

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The pi40 keyboard kit is a full solder DIY mechanical keyboard powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico controller with support for per-key RGB, a 0.91″ OLED display, and one EC11 rotary encoder. The ortholinear layout is inspired by the OLKB Planck and Planck EZ, and offers a fully functional keyboard condensed into a 40% form factor. This layout is a 4 × 12 grid and new for this version is the option to build in the MIT layout using a 2u spacebar or use the full 48 key grid layout.

Also new to this version is the option to choose between the original green color PCB and the new highly requested purple PCB.

Thanks to the addition of Raspberry Pi Pico support in QMK and VIA, we can offer a project that uses the most popular keyboard firmwares, making it super easy to change your keymap and rotary encoder functions! You can also create your own using Circuit Python and similar programming languages.

The small OLED screen is used to display your active layer, indicators for Caps, Scroll, and Num lock, as well as which RGB mode your keyboard is on.

All components require soldering!

Included in the base kit:

  • 1upkeyboards pi40 keyboard PCB.
  • Choice of FR4 Plates or Acrylic case.
  • Screws and standoffs.

Optional Components:

  • Microcontroller board.
  • 48x Diodes.
  • 0.91″ OLED Display.
  • EC11 Rotary Encoder.
  • Rotary Encoder Knob.
  • 50x SK6812-E RGB LEDs.
  • 2u Clip-in PCB Mount Stabilizer.
  • 48x Your choice of mechanical switches.

Find our latest install and assembly guides HERE!

Pictures display optional parts that may or may not come with your kit!

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