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Sweet 16 V2 Macropad Kit

From: $16.00

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The Sweet 16 V2 Macropad is an update to one of the community’s most popular DIY macropads. First introduced in 2016, the Sweet 16 has been a best seller on our site and at events like Maker Faire and New York Comic Con. Just like the original, the Sweet 16 V2 has a 4×4 grid for a total of 16 keys. This new version also introduces the RGB lighting and Underglow, and support for 2 EC11 style rotary encoders. Also new to the kit is the addition of a matching FR4 switch plate and bottom plate to complete the upgrade.

The Sweet 16 V2 is a full solder kit, this means all the components require soldering to install. It is powered by Pro Micro and similar MCUs like the Elite C, Nice!Nano (firmware coming soon), and the new Elite Pi!

The full list of features

  • 16 key grid layout
  • Support for Pro Micro style controllers
  • Programmable with QMK and VIA Firmwares.
  • RGB In switch lighting
  • RGB Underglow
  • Reset Switch

The following are included in the base kit:

  • Sweet 16 V2 PCB
  • FR4 Switch plate
  • FR4 Bottom Plate
  • 8x 5mm M2 screws
  • 4x 14mm M2 brass standoffs
  • 4x Rubber bump-ons

Optional parts:

  • Microcontroller
  • 16x Diodes and Reset Switch
  • 20x SK6812-E RGB LED
  • 16x Switch Pack
  • DSA Keycaps
  • EC11 Encoders
  • Encoder Knobs


QMK Firmware Badge

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 2 in