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Level60 60% Acrylic Keyboard Kit

From: $50.00


Level up your typing experience with our Level60 Acrylic 60% mechanical keyboard case. The 1upkeyboards Level60 case is made from stacked laser-cut acrylic which is cut in-house. Sporting a clean and simple design this is a great kit for beginners and long-time mechanical keyboard enthusiasts alike. The Level60 has a high-profile design that covers the gap between the keycaps and the plate but still manages a low height of just 18mm, this makes the Level60 very compact. If you love lighting effects the Level60 is perfect for you as both the bottom layer and switch plate use frosted acrylic which does a great job at diffusing Underglow and per-key RGB from PCBs like our Pi60HSE and Pi60RGB.

Part of the fun of a custom keyboard is trying out different color combinations with your case and keycap, that is why the Level60 comes in a ton of different acrylic color options including: Frosted, Smoke, Red, Blue, Mint, Turquoise, and more!

The acrylic switch plate included with the Level60 is based on our popular 60% plate design and supports both ANSI and Tsangan layouts. The latter includes coverage for 7u Spacebar, WKL, HHKB, Stepped Caps, Split Right Shift, and Split Backspace which are all possible on the Pi60HSE and Pi60 solder PCB options.

Included in the kit are the following:

  • 7 Acrylic Layers (2x 1.5mm, 5x 3mm).
  • Screws (9x M2 x 4mm, 8x M2 x 12mm).
  • Round Standoffs (9x M2 x 8mm).

Optional Parts:

  • Lift Kit. Increases typing angle to 5.5 degrees
  • 60% PCB (Required for complete build).
  • PCB Mount Stabilizers (Required for complete build).
  • MX Style Switches (Required for complete build).
  • Keycaps (Required for complete build).
  • Stick-on Aluminum Legs.

Ready to assemble your Level60 60% Acrylic Kit? Click here to follow the guide in our Wiki!

Information warranty information regarding the Level60 kit and replacement plates:

  • This kit is made entirely of acrylic and while it is very durable when assembled, the individual layers are susceptible to cracking and breaking due to mishandling and overtightening so handle them with care.
  • Any pieces deemed broken due to mishandling or overtightening will not be eligible for warranty replacements.
  • Warranty and paid replacements may not always be available and will require a 2-4 week lead time.